Where Did Savvy Mums Business Go?

Where Did Savvy Mums Business Go?

You know sometimes when you change something and instantly know it wasn’t right? Well, this was one of those times. So Savvy Mums Business is back!! 🙂 

The original article is still below if you want a read (and laugh at my mistakes!) – because business is a huge learning curve <3 

You might have found yourself here because you follow me on social media or you’re subscribed to my email list. Or it could be because you’ve just asked Google “What happened to Savvy Mums Business?” “Where did Savvy Mums Business go?”

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

How Savvy Mums Business started

Savvy Mums Business wasn’t my first business name, and undoubtedly won’t be my last! It evolved from the business advice work and online business skills training I was doing – as I was mostly supporting mums who were self-employed. That was back in 2013-2014 and was a great fit.

Savvy Mums Business logo

Fast forward another 4 years and things have evolved even further, so naturally, I’ve made a few small changes – well more like a pivot.

For the last year or so I’ve had business premises, and that brought with it the opportunity for face-to-face workshops, 1:1 training and working with more local business women. I had also been heading up a local women’s networking group for a little while to help them grow, which had meant working with a lot more women who weren’t mums.

More and more of my 1:1 advice clients and the women coming on my workshops aren’t mums either, and some of the local businesswomen said they felt ‘left out’ because of the Savvy Mums Business name. And that’s something I wanted to address.

Rise of the Youpreneur

I was also conscious that I was building a business brand on one hand, and providing advice and training on the other – a more personal service if you like, and I found it hard to merge them together online. Should I be ‘me’ in my business posts and marketing emails? Should I be the business?

I guess it came down to the ‘we’ or ‘I’ thing. When I first started a business back in 2005, it was all about ‘we’. One of the first things I did was to create a group of emails [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] etc, so it looked like there were lots of departments and staff – back then that was ok. It’s how business was. But with social media coming along and totally changing how business is done, things are more personal now.

I’ve been following Chris Ducker from his Periscope days a few years ago (how I miss Periscope – Facebook live just isn’t the same) and in November 2017 I was lucky enough to attend his first ever Youpreneur Summit. I love a business conference, but as a single mum living away from family, hopping on a plane to the US for something like Social Media Marketing World seemed like an impossible task. So when Chris announced he was bringing a big event to the UK, I knew I had to be there.

The Youpreneur Summit didn’t disappoint. I got to meet, chat to, and see on stage, awesome online business peeps, from John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn to Amy Schmittauer-Landino, Janet Murray and Carrie Green. I had known several attendees online for years and it was great to meet them all in person too.

Chris then surprised us all and gave every one of the 350 attendees a personally signed copy of his book Rise of the Youpreneur, which comes out this month. I got stuck in on the journey home from London and finished the book in a matter of weeks. What was crystal clear to me, is that business has changed. It’s no longer about B2B or B2C. People do business with people. Just look at all the YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, authors, coaches and influencers making a business from just being themselves. It’s about being you, like never before.

Hello, Her Savvy Biz

So along came Her Savvy Biz. (Obviously, I wanted to stick with savvy in the name!)

A pivot in the name, but essentially doing the same thing. Business advice and business skills training – helping you work smarter, live simpler and be happier in business. Although with a more personal feel.

Her Savvy Biz logo

I’ll continue my focus on encouraging women’s entrepreneurship, but I’ll be more inclusive, supporting all female business owners, not just mums.

It was scary making the change. I won’t lie. I felt a little sad to let go of the Savvy Mums Business brand, and went through all the self-doubt and fear that we so often suffer from – what if this is the biggest mistake, what if no one ever wants to buy from me again? Luckily I’ve built a brilliant support network around me, so there’s always someone to give me some love, or a kick up the backside when I need it.

The pivot will help me to be more… well, me… in my social media posts, blog posts and emails too, which feels a bit more authentic.

At the moment I’m busy building an awesome Facebook community, and I’d love for you to join me in the Her Savvy Biz Savvy Mums Business group.

You can also find me hanging out on all the socials @HerSavvyBiz @SavvyMumsBiz




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