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26 Things you Could Outsource to a Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what a Copywriter actually does? And more importantly, what they can do for you and your business?

First of all, let’s get clear on what Copywriting actually is…

When it comes to content and social media marketing, nothing matters more than the words you use. Your branding, logo and website design are all integral to your success, but your copy – whether it’s the content on your homepage, a blog or a social media post –  is the first real interaction that people have with your business.

It’s your first (and potentially last) chance to make an awesome, attention-grabbing impression.

Done right, it influences what readers think, inspires feelings and drives action.

Nothing else comes close to having this kind of impact. Which makes it pretty damn important.

A good copywriter takes what’s wonderful about you and your business and communicates it to your potential customers in a way that’s designed to attract them, appeal to them and convince them to find out more. Most importantly, they do this using a tone-of-voice and language that sounds and feels perfectly like you.

As well as the creative side of copywriting, there’s the technical side and this is where you really get your value for money. An experienced copywriter won’t just write for you, they’ll get right to the heart and soul of your business, uncovering fabulous facts that you may not even have thought of. They know how to craft the perfect headline, how to sell your business in a single sentence, how to create a structure for your website that guides the reader on a journey of discovery, how many keywords to use and where, how to format copy perfectly, what calls to action are needed and much, much more.

There are lots of different Copywriters out there, with lots of different skills and abilities.

Not all Copywriters are created equal and not all can carry out every task you might require. Some specialise in a particular type of copywriting, such as sales copy or blog posts. Others might work within a particular niche, such as health and beauty, technology or finance.

So how could you work with a copywriter to boost your business? Here’s a list of projects you could potentially outsource to a copywriter:

  1. Website copy
  2. Packaging copy
  3. Advertising copy
  4. Facebook Ads copy
  5. Blog copy
  6. Sales page copy
  7. Landing Page copy
  8. Press release copy
  9. Keyword research
  10. Metadata copy
  11. Newsletters
  12. Internal communications
  13. Sales brochure copy
  14. Product descriptions
  15. Social Media profile copy
  16. Slogan creation
  17. Elevator pitch copy
  18. Ghost writing (writing as you for someone else)
  19. Brand guidelines
  20. Content Editing
  21. Content-driven Search Engine Optimisation
  22. Speeches and keynote presentations
  23. Training materials
  24. Scripts for video or audio presentations
  25. Email campaign copy
  26. Awards entry copy