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Want to Uplevel Your Business? Start Delegating!

To delegate? Or not to delegate?  As a Savvy Businesswoman there will come a point when you can’t keep those blinkers on anymore and you’ll be forced to make this decision. Unfortunately, it’s usually around make or break point.

When you’ve got 10 jobs on your to-do list and it’s only 9.05 am.  Clients need answers, the phone keeps ringing, your social media notifications are stacking up, and you daren’t even open your emails.

While this is a sign your business is flourishing, the repercussions of flying solo can also blight your success. Holding you back and causing… gasp… success stagnation! Argh! It’s time to uplevel your business lovely lady!

But before we start talking about the ins and outs of delegating and how it can keep your business blossoming, let’s bust a couple of myths.

Myth 1 – Delegating is too scary

Calm down love, yes, it’s a bit of a big deal, but you’re not handing over your entire business to someone else or giving away your hard-earned super business secrets here.  You’re simply hiring another expert who can relieve some of your to-do list pressure.  Remember, even the biggest, most successful entrepreneurs have a first-class team behind the scenes supporting them.

Myth 2 – Delegating is too complicated

Ever thought about delegating then realised that in the time you’ve explained to someone what you need doing, you could probably have done it yourself?  Try to overcome this, because you only need to explain a task once, and then your hired expert can take care of it time and time again.  This initial explanation is only a small investment of your time, and it will repay you in the long-term.

Okay, so now we’ve dissolved those myths, let’s talk about delegating in more detail.

How do you even start to delegate?

Delegating isn’t scary, remember?  If you’re considering delegating, start by thinking about the kind of tasks which eat into your day and steal you away from the money-making side of your business.  Consider the tasks which:

  • take you waaaaaaaay too long to complete
  • have you huffing and puffing when you know they need to be done
  • are necessary (or even a legality) but don’t bring the money in
  • you avoid at all costs until you absolutely have to do them!

Who will be your hired help?

Let’s say you need a bookkeeper or a VA (Virtual Assistant) to take away all your accounting paperwork and free you up to work with your clients.  Ask your colleagues, friends, family for recommendations.  Once you’ve got a shortlist together don’t be afraid to ask for an initial face-to-face meeting to see if they seem like a good fit for you, your business, and whatever task you’re delegating. Visit their website and check out their testimonials too.

Start delegating small tasks first

Investing in extra support can feel daunting, so again, if you know you’ll worry about the logistics, whether they’ll be good enough or do as good a job as you will, then you have two options.  Firstly, you could ask your new biz sidekick to tackle a small project for you to see how they get on.  Or you could ask them to work on a trial basis for one to three months (task dependent) so you can ease yourself into this new delegator role, and let your confidence grow too.

A final word of warning about taking your first step into delegating

Micro Management. Two words… a whole heap of stress. If you’re hiring someone to help you, don’t keep checking in on them.  Continuously asking for progress updates doesn’t just intimate a lack of trust, but also drags you away from that precious time you have tried to create.

Delegating, outsourcing and building a strong virtual team around you will help you continue to thrive.  What’s more, delegating frees up your time to focus on making money, it helps you regain control of your business (instead of working in the business you’re working on the business and preparing for its longevity) and you’ll be able to enjoy your business again (instead of putting up with a hamster wheel existence).

So what are you waiting for? Uplevel your business and start building your Savvy Business Team today!

Have you started delegating?  Was it a good decision for you and your business?  Let us know in the comments below.