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7 Solutions to Revive Your Business Mojo

Taking a break over the Summer holidays often seems like the best way to recharge your batteries after a hectic school year juggling motherhood and business.

But what if they tire you out too much?

All those trips to soft play or the beach or play dates can take their toll and if you’ve been trying to keep your business afloat too, you might find your motivation waning as soon as the Back to School ads appear.

Don’t panic, though. Your business mojo hasn’t gone forever. We’ve all experienced these dips at Team Savvy, and they’re all part of the self-employed journey.  That’s why we’ve conjured up 7 solutions to get you back at your desk and working with ease before you can say, ‘October half term’.

So without further ado here are:

7 Solutions to Revive Your Business Mojo

Tip #1: Create a Realistic To-Do List

Make yourself a cuppa, get your diary and create a to-do list that isn’t going to overwhelm you into productivity paralysis! Start with three tasks per day to keep things simple. The ticking-off part is the most important aspect. Those feelings of accomplishment (however small) will stir up your savvy mum mojo.

Tip #2: Revive Your Networking Skills

Take a look through your Facebook Newsfeed and revisit your favourite groups. Engage with posts, communicate with your peers and start new conversations. Spending time with like-minded people will have your motivation yawning and stretching before you know it.

Tip #3: Listen to a Webinar / Podcast

There’s nothing quite like listening to a motivational webinar or podcast to get your work juices all fired up. Grab your notebook, switch on YouTube, and go listen to your favourite business/self-help/entrepreneurial coach/speaker/guru. Wait for your ideas to spark, and see how quickly those creative juices start flowing again.

Tip #4: Exit the Pity Party

If you’re prone to pity parties then let us give you a kick up the bum. Instead of dwelling on the ‘poor me’ stuff, remember why you started your business, think about the mums you know who have also been juggling childcare, guilt trips and work this summer while you’ve been able to fit business in around your family.

Consider the number of happy clients you’ve served since you founded your business, and how that’s impacted on you as a person. Feeling better yet? If it helps, journal all of this and you’ll soon come to realise that the best thing you can do to re-motivate is to step out of your own way and take action.

Tip #5: Set New Goals and Targets

Start small and build up. Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals to take you up to Christmas. Remember to keep them realistic, but don’t be scared to throw in a few crazy ones too, and really fire up your passion for your business. Once you get in the habit of creating new challenges for yourself, you’ll see that your mojo was actually there all the time and just needed some coaxing.

Tip #6: Choose a New Attitude

If you’re fretting and worrying about your business, according to the Law of Attraction you’ll attract more of the same.  Instead, choose a positive attitude. Focus on those clients who are a pleasure to work with and you’ll attract more of them. Take one day at a time (one hour if needs be). And see how a simple mindset shift can rekindle your excitement for your business and boost your motivation.

Tip #7: Creating Content

A good way to ease you back into your work zone is to focus on your content creation. Think about what you’re going to blog about for the next few days and weeks. Draft your post-summer-hols newsletter. You’ll quickly fall back in love with your business once you start talking about it again.

Get that spring back in your step by making small and consistent adjustments. Forget the mind chatter and focus instead on the positives of your business, the benefits of your self-employed adventure and wait for your mojo magic to re-emerge.

How do you re-ignite your motivation after a busy summer? We’d love to know.

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