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Juggling Motherhood and Business Building

As mothers our lives are packed to capacity (regardless of whether we’re taking care of babies, toddlers or teenagers) but when you add ‘business owner’ to the mix, well, things can get pretty complicated! With the summer holidays on the horizon we’re running a special series to help you get prepped and ace it through the summer holiday this year!

Juggling motherhood and running a small business (or being a work-from-home mum) can be both rewarding and challenging.  Having the flexibility to do the school run is fab, and not having to worry about ringing the boss if your little one’s out of sorts is another bonus, but there are times when the juggling act can get too crazy for words.

Here at Savvy Mums Business we’re all too aware of this rollercoaster adventure, which is why we’ve pulled together 5 helpful tips to help you when you’re juggling motherhood and business building (so you can still enjoy your life in the process!).

#1 Set a realistic working schedule and stick to it

If your freelance career/self-employed journey is relatively new, it can be hard to turn down work.  But fairly soon you’ll find yourself working when the children have gone to bed, or fitting in an hour before they wake up, with the occasional Saturday morning thrown in just to get ahead for next week.

Before you know it you’re feeling shattered and grumpy, and your patience starts to wear thin (with your family and your clients).  This isn’t a long-term solution to your busy schedule because you’ll end up burning out. Instead, set yourself regular working hours and stick to them – particularly during school holidays  .  You’re no good to anyone if you run yourself ragged.

#2  Don’t be hard on yourself

Being a mum is the most important job in the world, so don’t ever put pressure on yourself to create a six-figure business while taking care of your babies at the same time.  (There will be plenty of time for that in years to come if that’s your vision.)  If your inner nagging voice fires up, shut it down.  Don’t expect perfection.  Drop the ‘shoulds’.  Don’t feel guilty.  Remember you’re doing an amazing job and don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

#3  Be present

When you’re being mum be mum and when you’re being a super savvy businesswoman be her. But never spend time with your children feeling guilty that you’re not working and vice versa.  It can be soooooo tricky to separate the two but keep practicing.  You’ll feel so much better for being present with your children, and spending quality time with them, rather than staring off into space or checking your emails every five minutes and being only half aware of everything.

#4  Don’t be afraid to delegate

Sharing responsibility for all the boring domestic stuff with your husband/partner (or hiring someone to come and clean/iron each week if your budget allows) means you won’t feel overburdened by huge home and work to-do lists.  (By the way, just because you’re ‘at home’ all the time, doesn’t mean you’re responsible for seeing to all the chores either – we’ve heard that one before and it’s just not true!)

Consider delegating or outsourcing specific business tasks too if you need to free yourself up to make money instead of struggling with the time-consuming tasks you hate – like updating your website/writing your social media posts/sorting out your accounts.  Knowing you have someone to call on – whether it’s for childcare, domestic chores, or business support – is a great way to stop overwhelm kicking in.

# 5 Tighten up your time management skills

Time flies when you’re a parent and every second really does count.  So if you’re more inclined to wing it than to plan your schedule, this one’s for you.  Each evening take the time to prepare your to-do list (with timings) for the next day. Unless something happens (i.e someone is too poorly to go to school) stick to your schedule and switch off all distractions.  Your productivity will soar, you’ll feel fulfilled, your clients will be happy, you’ll meet your deadlines (without having to put in crazy hours) and your business will steadily grow.

Remember, if you’re having one of those days/weeks where you think you’re not being a very good business owner or mum, know there’s always someone to talk to.  Pop over to our Savvy Mums Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/savvymumsbiz/ – there’s always a friendly face around.

Do you have any more tips to help juggling motherhood and business building? We’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment below!