Get Your Mojo Back and Love Your Business

Get Your Mojo Back and Love Your Business

Lost your mojo? Not sure if you love your business anymore?

It can be all too easy to lose focus, drift off from your original plans, get frustrated, be disappointed that things aren’t moving fast enough, lose your mojo and to simply fall out of love with your business.

When you’re self-employed, your business often becomes your life. Sometimes it can be tiring especially if you don’t have any downtime or are going through a rough patch.

So here are some savvy tips to wake up your mojo and help you fall back in love with your small business…

Get focused on the bigger picture

So many women get stuck in a rut after they’ve been running their business for a little while. You need to constantly focus on where you want to go with your business and why are you are self-employed in the first place.

In one of my courses, we create a vision board so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. Think about the bigger picture and your long-term goals then work towards them day-in, day-out, in your business.

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Speak to your ideal customers

All too often small businesses are so desperate for someone (anyone) to buy what they sell, that they try marketing to everybody to get whatever sales they can. But that doesn’t always lead to a happy business if you’re serving people you don’t really want to be working with or just don’t relate to those customers or clients.

Think about who your ideal client is – who you really want to be working with and literally go and chat to them (on and off-line) to find out what they want from your business, get to understand them and their needs, then start talking to them in your marketing and social media posts.

Take time out from your business

When you’re self-employed, especially if you are the only person in the business, it can be hard to switch off, with your mind on your work 24/7.

Self-employment gives you the opportunity to create your own schedule and work flexibly around your family. Use this opportunity to build things you love into your day, week, month and year. Take time out each week for yourself, do things you love, include time for relaxation and exercise to keep your body and mind healthy and strong. This will be reflected in your business as you’ll be happier when working on it.

Put these into practice, you’ll start to become happier in business and get your mojo back.

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