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Slimline Your Christmas Marketing Efforts & Slay the Festive Guilt

Eek… there’s a whiff of end of term excitement in the air and it smells like cinnamon and mulled wine! How the jeepers did Christmas creep round so quickly?

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and those festive fairs and gift markets don’t just mark the end of another year.  Second only to the six week summer slog, the festive holidays can be a bit of a panic season for business mums keen not to miss out on Christmas marketing opportunities!

Are you already feeling those panic twinges about managing your festive marketing? Wondering how to keep your business visible while you’re taking care of kids, working on a leaner schedule, and relishing in a big plate of turkey, stuffing and sprouts?

Well don’t worry! Team Savvy is on the case and we’re about to share four secrets to keeping your Christmas marketing efforts on point so you can slay that festive guilt, and focus on more pressing things, like your next cocktail choice, thinking up creative ideas for Elf on the Shelf  or which present to open first!

You see the secret to staying visible, active and sustaining your marketing efforts throughout the Christmas holidays is to take a slimline approach.  This way you’ll still be blogging, posting on social media, and chatting with your subscribers, but, secretly, you could be lying (laptop-less) on the sofa letting your lunch go down and catching up on TV.

Your business doesn’t have to take a back seat, just because you are. So with that in mind, here are…

4 Ways to Slimline Your Christmas Marketing Strategy and Slay the Festive Guilt

1. Republish your Blogs

You don’t always have to create brand new blogs you know. If you’ve been in business or blogging for a while you’ve probably got more than enough content to republish some of your best-read older articles instead. Your newer readers may not have noticed a particular blog first-time around (or second or third) so don’t worry, sharing them again isn’t the lazy-girl’s way out either. Republishing blogs is a great marketing tactic, it gives you the opportunity to update any out-of-date content, it’s great for your SEO and you can even build your mailing list or give your conversions a boost by adding links to your new freebies, products or courses.

2. Schedule Your Social Media

There are stacks of social media scheduling apps around and some are worth their weight in pink prosecco. Scheduling your social media in advance gives you that Supermum feeling of having everything organised for school for the entire week by 7am on Monday! Scaling back on the number of posts you write and publish is another way to dilute the summer biz pressure too. Maintaining your visibility is important and if the bare minimum is one post a day, then schedule one post a day on each of your social media platforms.

Here at Savvy Mums HQ our favourite free social media scheduling platforms are Hootsuite and Later, whilst our fave paid platform is Post Planner.

3. Create & Schedule Your Newsletter(s)

If you’re a weekly newsletter sender, then ease that summer burden and adopt a monthly approach during December and January. A bumper Christmas edition or two (which also directs your subscribers to your republished blogs) is perfectly acceptable – and sometimes more likely to be consumed. Save more time by creating and scheduling your newsletters in advance and you’ll know your subscribers won’t assume you’ve abandoned them. Ah… the beauty of automation.

4. Decide on a Simple Christmas Content Subject and Stick to It

Another great way to avoid trying to post on Facebook while you’re tucking into your trifle is to think about (and plan) the type of content you want to focus on over the next six to ten weeks.  Keep it easy by sifting through your calendar and finding any upcoming National or International days which fit with your industry. Take a handful of your blogs and weave the same subject thread through your social media pages and newsletters too.

In need of inspiration? Check out

So go and enjoy your Christmas, make more family memories (kids grow up so quickly!) and slay that Festive business guilt.

Come January you’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.


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