Why You Need to Charge What You’re Worth and Stop Doubting Yourself even when you're just starting out - Savvy Mums Business

Why You Need to Charge What You’re Worth and Stop Doubting Yourself (even if you’re just starting out)

Ok, let’s get something straight. Super-talented and Savvy businesswomen know their worth and aren’t afraid to charge it.


They know their Super Customers won’t hesitate to agree that quote or click that ‘buy now’ button, because to them, their decision to make a purchase isn’t about price.

If we scratch beneath the surface, their decision to buy goes way deeper.

Super Customers need high quality solutions to their biggest time-stealing, faffy, pain-in-the-neck problems. They need to invest in an expert so they can focus on making money.

They need first-class support in an area that’s brand-new to them or too tricky, techy or time-consuming for them to test-pilot or learn from scratch.

And that’s where you and your fabulous skills come in.  You are their Super Savvy Service Provider.

So what’s all this price setting, charging what you’re worth struggle about, then?

Is it because you can’t shake off the feeling that you’re ‘new’? or you’re an impostor that’s going to get rumbled any moment now? Not surprising… you wouldn’t be the first woman in business to think like this and you certainly won’t be the last.

But let’s dig deeper again – your turn this time – and mull over these questions:

  • How long did it take you to learn your craft?
  • How much money have you invested in educating yourself?
  • How many years have you been honing your skills to get to where you are today?

You’re not ‘new’. You know this stuff inside out and back to front. You could do it in your sleep, standing on your head and blindfolded. So stop under-pricing your services and under-valuing your lovely self because you’re worth SO MUCH more than that.

Let’s face it, if you’re pricing yourself based on the competition so you can establish your reputation and set some branding roots, you’re going to attract the kind of Totally-Not-Super-Customers who:

  • never pay you on time/haggle with your already ridiculously-cheap rates/wait for you to chase them for payment
  • are constantly on the phone for updates
  • sap your energy
  • disrespect your boundaries/don’t consider your working hours
  • expect you to drop everything when they need help
  • regularly move the goalposts once they’ve assigned you a task
  • think nothing of keeping you on the phone for hours (time that isn’t paid for)

And that’s not a savvy way to do business.  

So with that image fixed firmly in your mind, let’s recap how valuable you are to your Super Customers and why you simply have to charge your worth.

You’re Already an Expert so Don’t Undersell Yourself

As a super savvy business owner with fabulous juggling skills you’re more than an expert in your field.  You’re driven and motivated.  You’ve worked hard to reach the level you are today. You’re willing to go that extra mile to help your customers.  You’re the best solution to their problems because you’re bloomin’ fabulous at what you do and you have your own magic stamp that sets you apart from everyone else.

Don’t let the curse of knowledge fool you otherwise.

You’ve Already Earned Your Stripes, Lady, Just Find Some Social Proof to Share

Think of ways you can start to build your testimonials/customer feedback and stop feeling like the new girl. Have you any colleagues from your ‘employed’ life who could step in and share what it’s like to work with you? Could you run a free (irresistible) challenge to let potential Super Customers sample the extent of your skills and knowledge and grow your reputation quickly?

You’ve Got an Empire to Build, You’re Not Doing this for Pin Money!

When you made the decision to go freelance or set yourself up as a Savvy Mum in Business, you knew you weren’t going in for half-measures.  You weren’t doing it for a bit of extra cash so you could be a stay-at-home mum without feeling guilty.  You weren’t investing all that energy and time into starting up your business in the hope that you might break even financially. You’re not that kind of girl, are you? Remember this when you’re wavering over price.

One final point… take a look at your prices right now.  When was the last time you increased them? It’s much better to have a smaller amount of Super Customers who pay what you’re worth than be a busy fool who works round the clock for less than what you were earning ten, even twenty years ago.

Let us hear your thoughts on this subject.  It’s something ever woman in business struggles with at some point, but if you recognise the reasons why you’re not charging your worth and re-evaluate just how lucky your Super Customers are to have found you, you’ll never procrastinate over your price tag again!