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3 Key Business Tasks to Tackle This Summer

If August is usually the time of year when your business slows down, then congratulations!  Time out is just what you need when you’ve worked your socks off all year, so make sure you have fun and frolics with the kids, dive head-first into that holiday you’ve been so looking forward to and recharge your batteries. You so deserve it.

Like most Savvy Mums in Business, however, you’ll reach a pivotal point in the holidays where you’ll be twitching to get back to your desk – even just for a couple of hours or so.

And this is perfectly normal. But rather than taking on client work, why not use this time to work on your business instead? This way you’ll have everything organised for when the cherubs return to school and you won’t feel as though you’ve neglected your business for six weeks.

Start with these three key business tasks so you’re all systems go come September.

1. Detox Your Inbox

Taming your inbox is a great task to tackle during your quiet times. Focus on three areas to maximise the effect.

  1. Have an Unsubscribe Session

You know those emails you never open? The junk mail, the ones which make you sigh when they flop into your inbox? It’s time to let them go. Yes, even if the ones from your biz besties. If they’re not relevant, they’re just squatters in your inbox and who needs squatters? Take the plunge and unsubscribe!

  1. Organise Your Email Folders

 A constantly cluttered inbox makes it time-consuming to find anything. So, instead of wading, set up simple folders – ‘pending’ and ‘due’ and ‘complete’, for example – and file accordingly. Break down those folders into basic categories if you need to make things easier to find.

  1. Zero Your Inbox and Delete, Delete, Delete

Once your folders are in place, establish a daily filing habit so your inbox is empty by 5pm each day. Delete any surplus emails (it’s quite liberating when you get the knack) and enjoy the stress-free freedom a lean inbox brings.

2. Get to Grips with Your Accounts

Urgh. Sorting out your financial paperwork, chasing outstanding invoices and tallying up your tax for the year to date are often tasks we put off – I certainly do! But what better time than summer to make a start on sorting them? It’s a halfway point in the financial year for many business mums, and you can even break down the tasks into 30 minute sessions each day (if you really hate doing your books).

3. Start Writing and Scheduling Content

When you wave the little ones off in September and resume your position at your desk (yay!) you need to be one step ahead. Chances are, September will be a busy month for you because other business mums are returning to work, and even the business owners with grown-up kids or none at all will have enjoyed some summer downtime and be all fired up for taking on the world.

Writing and creating content for your social media posts, your blogs and your newsletters during August means your superwoman cape will be in full flow as soon as you’ve walked out of the school yard. You won’t be overwhelmed with how much you’ve got to do for your clients and vanish off your online parapet because you’ll be calm, in control and organised, won’t you?

Marketing is one of the first things to suffer when we’re bogged down with client work, which is why content creation and scheduling is such a crucial (and beneficial) task to tackle during your quiet times.

Have a great rest of the summer, ladies!

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