About Savvy Mums Business

We’re Savvy Mums Business and we’re super passionate about inspiring and empowering mums like you to create and grow a thriving business that gives them freedom, flexibility and financial security.

When you become a mum everything changes… your body, your lifestyle, your needs and your priorities. Unfortunately the working world isn’t always that welcoming to mothers… flexible hours are tough to negotiate, childcare seems to cost the earth and career advancement is harder then ever.

No wonder so many savvy mums choose to follow a new path to self-employment and all the wonderful opportunities it can bring!

Here at Savvy Mums Business we’re passionate about helping mums to take those first brave steps towards self-employment, helping them transform their hobbies, passions and former professions into a thriving business that fits perfectly (most of the time) around family life.

But let’s not sugarcoat it ladies. Growing a business is no walk in park… unless you’re talking a park playdate with a couple of rowdy, sugar-loaded toddlers in tow… then it’s actually pretty similar (more on that another time).

To help support and guide you, the Savvy Mums website is packed with helpful articles on everything from business basics and list building tips to mindset, money-making and marketing. Every article on this site has been written by a savvy mum who’s also an experienced expert in her field. She’s been there and done that, raising a family around growing a successful business. As well as articles from our talented in-house team, we also welcome guest writers.

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