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8 Reasons to Enter Business Awards, Even if You Don’t Win

And The Winner Is…. you!

Business awards are everywhere. From the major banks to local radio, from Twitter to your industry membership body.

And that old saying, well, that definitely applies in this case.

It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part Click To Tweet

Entering awards will benefit you and your business, even if you don’t win. And we’re here to tell you why.

Here are 8 great reasons why you should enter business awards…

1. Feelin’ good

Being a nominee for something makes you feel good. Period. Even if you put yourself up for the award, being accepted as a nominee is a great confidence booster.

2. Great PR opportunities to be had

The company running the awards will promote the awards and the nominees, spreading the word about you & your business. You’ll often find other companies ‘sponsor’ each award category, so there’s more opportunity for them to promote your business too.

3. Grow your reputation

You can also promote the awards, telling everyone you’re a nominee. Share on social media, email your list, put a sign up at your work premises.  Your reputation and authority will rise instantly.

4. Focus

Having something to work towards, a tangible goal will make you focus and increase your overall productivity. So whether you win or not, your business wins.

5. Cold hard cash

Depending on the award, there may be cash or other prizes on offer which could be useful to your business – and not just for that top spot of the 1st winner either, many awards have prizes for runners-up. And let’s face it, cash is crucial in keeping a business afloat.

6. I spy with my little eye

You and your business will be in the limelight for potential investors and/or collaborators to see. As an up-and-coming start-up or existing small business, they are much more likely to discover (and work with) you by spotting you in the line up of award nominees, rather than on social media or email – both of which are increasingly ‘noisy’ when it comes to trying to get your business noticed.

7. Hello media

Winners, runners-up, and possibly nominees too, are likely to get some media attention, free publicity, and promoted via social media, which will increase your reach to new markets and demonstrate to those who know of you how amazing you truly are!

8. Networking

Being a nominee gives you an easy way in, to network and connect with other nominees and award sponsors. Plus if there’s an awards ceremony it’s a great chance to network in person, and be sure to take photographs to use in future marketing and to share on social media/blog posts/your website etc. You could even live stream from the event to create a buzz and get yourself seen by your followers.

The eight points above are the icing on the cake. Winning is merely the cherry on top! So keep your eyes peeled for industry awards, local awards, national awards, and remember – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Good luck!

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